Can I Learn Angular or React without knowing JavaScript ? clear the concepts now


Angular is an open source TypeScript Based Web Application Framework from Google. It is used for building client side Single page applications using Components.

It lets you used Components for client side programming and HTML For rendering. People who are fresher are often confused learning Angular because it is a JavaScript framework that uses JavaScript Core concepts in it, So what they think they should require learning JavaScript before proceeding to angular?

Lets Clear things with some more important concepts I have wrote down to make people clear with this fact.

Learning Angular without knowing JavaScript ?

It is possible to learn Angular or React without knowing JavaScript. This can be done by using a tool called TypeScript, which is a superset of JavaScript.
TypeScript is a typed language that allows you to use types in your code, which can make it easier to understand what your code is doing. You can also use TypeScript with tools like the Angular CLI or create-react-app to create and build Angular or React applications.
If you are willing to learn angular without knowing JavaScript then it can be bit confusing to dig into Angular concept as Angular is a framework of typescript Language. 
It is quite easy for you to learn JavaScript before proceed learning angular because JavaScript has some core concept you can not directly find in Angular.
You can learn angular without having knowledge of typescript but you have to go through all core concept of JavaScript.
Most of the JavaScript operators are exact same in angular so you must dig into JavaScript concept before learning any node environment framework like express.js , Reactjs ,Vuejs or Angular itself.
Even if you can learn angular without wanting JavaScript on your way you must go for JavaScript first as JavaScript has complete knowledge of its core concepts those are used in angular.
I have total 4+ years experience in angular and i started it without having knowledge of JavaScript but being as a frontend developer i had to go through JavaScript later on.
Angular has many unique concepts which are not used in JavaScript like lifecycle hooks, decorators and routing etc but learning JavaScript first can help you clear all the core concepts Angular.

There are few concepts you must need to learn while learning Angular:

Learning React without knowing JavaScript?

React or Reactjs is a open source JavaScript library which is used to build frontend interfaces and UI components or specially single page applications. But can I learn react without knowing JavaScript ?
As You choose to work on any JavaScript Framework or Library, You need to learn its core concepts definitely. 
Now days React has become highly popular and has  maximum numbers of users in the market and there are more than 2,000,000 websites that use Learning react is definitely a great choice.
Before proceed learning React you must have cleared with JavaScript’s basic concepts as React is a one JavaScript libraries so React came out of JavaScript.
But Let me Answer the question now!
Yes, You can learn react if your journey starts directly from React and you can learn react if you have a great will power, As a beginner it is going to be little bit harder for you to learn react but if you are willing to learn it then obviously no one can stop you learn it.

There are some Hot topic I wrote down that can help you start learning React with!

How much JavaScript hard for someone who wants to learn Angular ?

JavaScript is a programming language that is most commonly used in web development. It is a client-side scripting language which means it runs on your users’ web browsers.
AngularJS is a JavaScript framework. It is a toolset designed for building complex applications with the help of JavaScript. React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
So, how hard is it to learn Angular? If you already have some experience with JavaScript, then learning Angular will be relatively easy for you. However, if you are new to programming, then Angular may be challenging for you at first.
But don’t worry, there are plenty of resources available online that can help you learn Angular. Just take your time and be patient, and soon you’ll be able to build amazing things with Angular!
We can use JavaScript code in both Angular and React at the place of TypeScript and JSX. As the TypeScript is a Superset of JavaScript

I would suggest to go through some of core concept of JavaScript that have similar concept as in Angular and React.

it is not difficult to learn Angular if you have some basic knowledge of JavaScript. However, if you are new to programming,
it may take some time to get used to the syntax. Once you understand the basics, Angular can be a great tool for creating web applications.
In this section , we have gone through all the basics of Angular and React so that if you are willing to learn any of the platform then you can easily have clear and basic concepts of you favorite platform. 
Also We have some of most important JavaScript concepts which we are going to use in both Library or Framework. 

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